Kundalini Bodywork



Two options

Elliott is very focused on teaching at the moment so you have two options to receive sessions:

1. Work with someone who is training with him, you can find them in the Kundalini Bodywork Practitioner Directory

2. OR join us for some days during our next intense training in Mallorca (May 14th to 7th July) and receive sessions from people training with us there. You can either book to stay with us, eat with us and be a temporary part of our learning community, OR you can get an AirBnB or hotel close by and book sessions by donation. Spaces are limited each week, if you’d like to join please email support@kundalinibodywork.com and let us know more about yourself and when you’d like to visit.

For more information about the 3 months overall please click here, and for people applying to stay on site with us:

  • From Sunday 14th May our training schedule is more relaxed and weeks can be booked, Check in is Sunday morning, check out of room is Saturday morning (*you’re welcome to stay until Saturday evening)
  • €1650 a week sharing
  • €2190 private room
  • Book on Acuity scheduling
  • We keep the admin simple so no reductions are given for leaving or arriving earlier
  • The cleaner comes on Saturday’s

In the weeks that you stay you will get to share the time with beautiful people committed to learning this work, to eat and learn with us with the support to detox in a simple way. Expect to receive at least one Kundalini Bodywork and de-armouring session mosts day from one of the students staying for the full three months. 

There is often a lot of free time in these days to integrate, read, study or work on your personal projects and business ideas as we create a creative hub of self development on all levels. Some days we might be more focused in lectures and deepening our knowledge and practices in coaching with breathwork, non-dual psychology and the polarity framework, shadow work and other energy and body work practices. Other days we will have more free time and session exchanges. 

Our schedule may change but it’s often

  1. Early Mornings: free for your own personal practices or work
  2. 9:15 to 10 group exercise and stretching
  3. 10 to 10:30 meditation
  4. 10:45 sessions, group or private
  5. Lunch (kitchen is always open. Mostly high raw vegan, with occasional concession as we need)
  6. 2:30 sessions, group or private
  7. 6:00 end of day
  8. 6:15 group exercise and stretching
  9. 7:00 Dinner (kitchen is always open. Mostly high raw vegan, with occasional concession as we need) 

For more information or to apply please email support@kundalinibodywork.com

You’re also welcome to just come for one to several days, and stay off site and book in session with our students, these sessions are by donation. 

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