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Advanced Training Level Two |

Kundalini Bodywork Advanced Level Two: 

Giving shaktipat, cutting cords (cords that drain life force and sexual energy), removing entities, increasing our store of Kundalini within the body and without, shadow work and self protection are all part of the level 2 training while we also deepen our practices in Kundalini Bodywork, De-armouring and Tantra.

You do not need to be a practitioner to attend this training,  you’re very welcome to come and join for your own personal development reasons. 

Level 2 moves us more into the realms of Shaktipat and the transmission of energy while cultivating more non-dual awareness. Although we can only give Shaktipat if fully enlightened in level 2 we learn the process to support another person to activate their Kundalini in a similar way to how Shaktipat could be given.

Shaktipat, being of the left hand path means someone else awakens us, where as Kundalini Bodywork is of the middle path, so we are not learning to give Shaktipat in a traditional sense, thus traditionally becoming someone Guru after Shaktipat to support their spiritual development.

‘To give Shaktipat we must by definition be enlightened’

What we are learning to do is to work with someones spine in-order to support them to access the knowledge and information that is right for them in their life path now. 

To work in this way we fuse two concepts together: 

  • The first is the most important and in this we are helping the client realise themselves, so we are not connecting with any higher dimensional beings, no aliens; angels; Gods; Goddesses, or demons. We are inviting them to connect with the highest aspects of themselves that they can attain. As we interpret so much of our experience through our mind the client/the receiver might see aliens; angels; Gods; Goddesses; demons, or any archetype or memories that the mind conjures up to help them understand the self, but what’s important is that we are not chanting Kali, Shiva, Jesus, or a light language we do not understand, or any other energies into their spine. When not directly working with the spine these more creative approaches can be helpful and bring in more diversity and inspiration. How to support and inspire someones session and how they integrate the experiences is covered in the level 1 and tantric de-armouring trainings.
  • The second concept is our relationship to non-dual healing and how we find, hold and maintain this state, also covered in level 1. When we hold space for someone our vibration is always going to effect their experience: as we are not enlightened we need to focus on the spiritual knowledge that we have attained and the vibrations that we have developed in our own body that take us to our highest aspiration of truth, one that we can hold without thought. It’s not about reciting the knowledge in our minds, but feeling and being the knowledge that we are thus we only transmit non-dual awareness to the level of purity that we have attained (and by receiving this work we attain more). We allow people to experience divinity in their own way, some dance, some bliss out, others talk, do yoga and make mudras, while some laugh and others go into orgasmic states, while acknowledging the more we can take ourselves out of the experience and hold space for the more they experience. Thus we don’t give Shaktipat but teach a person how to find themselves and embody more higher dimensional aspects of their individual unique soul, which is in of itself an aspect of separation.  

We also learn how to cut cords, and remove negative entities from the body.  Level 2 involves more meditation. It asks more from us in being able to hold space for others but it also gives more through a deeper level of learning that is only attainable after the level 1 knowledge. 

In this course we work more with embodiment practices, distinguishing between the thin line of harmful and beneficial energies and entities, and how to remove harmful energies from the body and parasitic cords that drain a persons life force. 

In Kundalini Bodywork Online we teach dealing with darker energies simply through not being a vibrational match to them and focusing on personal shadow work. In this workshop we dive deeper into this world seeing that the cause for many mental health problems, addictions and even persistent body pain is down to dark and negative energies in the body from the clients own wishes or someone else’s.

We learn how to balance between teaching someone to heal themselves and healing people and how to deal with the Karma that is created by healing another. To help someone without harm is a difficult task which we approach by learning to work from a non-dual state while increasing the strength and vibrancy of our own energetic and astral bodies. 

We also learn to apply more clearing and protection practices for ourselves and others, and dive much deeper into working Tantrically. In level 1 Tantric healing is described as the work we should not do but will do.

In the level 1 training we advanced from basic energetic bodywork practices akin to pranic healing and reiki, and learned to work with Kundalini and divinity itself by entering non-dual states to conduct energy work: and we also explored what tantric healing is in relation to unity and why it is a dangerous practice that needs much preparation. In this level 2 training we deepen this knowledge approaching the training as a journey and mystery school, one that each person needs to goes through to find their best practice. The curriculum is designed for people to find their own best way of working while also having a shared framework, methodology and understanding to work with and communicate around.

Kundalini Bodywork at this level becomes more Tantric in nature and we learn the concepts, practices and the techniques that allow us to work in this way without become entangled in the other persons energy field. We discover how to allow someone else to find connection with themselves through us without creating attachment. A large part of this is learning to further develop and manage our own energetic bodies and to align them to truth, and of course the question here becomes which truth and what is truth, with great personal learning coming from exploring these questions and finding answers in an experiential way.

We also learn more body de-armouring sequences and techniques and how to increase the pleasure pain ratio to increase the baseline of pleasure in the body.
We continue to apply the polarity framework as a tool in non-dual therapy and coaching to ensure the practice is truly holistic; honouring the mind and empowering the people we work with to heal themselves.

We also highly recommend reading the book Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work before attending the training if you already have a copy.

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