Kundalini Bodywork



Advanced Training Level One

Kundalini Bodywork Advanced Level One (first 3 days) 

In this course we apply the skills learned in Kundalini Bodywork Online, expanding our knowledge of how energetic pathways and polarities flow in the body, and how to harness this flow for healing and transformation. We learn how to work with the energy (chakra) systems and the electromagnetic field (aura) of another person while furthering our personal practice.

We learn how Kundalini Bodywork is fundamentally different to other energy work modalities such as Reiki and Pranic healing, while also learning the value of these systems and how to incorporate these into our practice.

We go beyond experiencing and understanding energetic and Kundalini Bodywork and start to develop the inner character, open heartedness, and sense of oneness needed to work with energy and Kundalini. This courses provides techniques and offers perspectives that we can all use to activate our own Kundalini and allow it to run through us.

A Kundalini rising, although not the aim of this workshop, is a unique experience and the knowledge that we individually receive is the knowledge that fits us best, our DNA, karma, souls purpose and unique way of working. Workshops with the School of Energetic Bodywork are designed to prepare us for such experiences, and to expand in them once already attained. As well as the knowledge and training received in the course this is a time and space to discover your own knowledge with like minded people dedicated to service, love and the expansion of human consciousness.

Kundalini Bodywork consists of energetic bodywork practices, de-armouring practices and non-dual therapy. As these 3 main methods are fundamentally connected we learn them at the same time, but focus in on one at a time. In the first 3 days our focus is on energetic bodywork practices and in the last 3 days de-armouring. 

4th Day: Rest & Integration Day

De-armouring Advanced Level One (last 3 days) 

De-armouring is a metaphoric term that relates to transforming emotional, physical and mental pain in the body. In this course we will learn and practice various techniques to de-armour the body in a safe and non-obtrusive way to allow a greater flow of Chi to run through us and our clients.

In Kundalini Bodywork Online we learn to de-armour ourselves (self de-armouring) and in Advanced Kundalini Bodywork Trainings we learn how to clear the pathway of Kundalini in others. We learn to de-armour using both physical and energetic practices while also receiving this beautiful work. We explore various models of breathwork and how these are fundamental to our practice: learning to coach clients through trauma into transformation through various breaths, combined with hands on bodywork, and hands off energetic touch. We learn to balance and regulate the nervous system while working with the emotional intelligence of the glands. We also explore major muscle groups of the body and how it’s important to release them through the fascia during the work and receive simple practices to do so. 

Learning to transform pain into pleasure through non-resistance and non-attachment ads a deeply spiritual element to this work. We come to realise what all Buddhists practice: 

‘that non-attachment and non-resistance leads to bliss’

Directly experiencing this in our bodies takes us closer to achieving the mind of a Buddha. Body de-armouring is one of the simplest and most transformative practices anyone can learn to give and a practice that everyone would benefit from receiving. 

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