Kundalini Bodywork



There are many ways to engage with Kundalini Bodywork from the online course, to the communityadvanced trainings and becoming a practitioner.


Kundalini Bodywork is a self-development journey that takes us from depression and traumatic states into high vibrational and orgasmic ones. The start of your journey might be more about emotional release and detoxing, healing past childhood and family trauma, but by the end a Kundalini Bodywork practice leads to a Tantric Practice, the practices of manifesting the life we desire and deserve, and the practices that support working with the collective consciousness as our own consciousness, so our outside world truly reflects our inside.


Kundalini Bodywork is not Kundalini Yoga but definitely complimentary to any yoga practice. Like Kundalini Yoga there are different styles, teachers and teachings with no one person being able to own such descriptive terms.


Currently Elliott Saxby is the main teacher in ‘The School of Energetic Bodywork’ which is ran more like a foundation than a business. The School of Energetic Bodywork aims to spread the knowledge of Kundalini Bodywork in a safe and accessible way, without diluting the knowledge but demystifying it so anyone wishing to heal themselves in a truly lasting way can.


Kundalini Bodywork is a practice, discipline and self-healing modality with freedom in how it is applied:


– which parts of the modality to use

– when to use them 

– and when to combine them with other self-development  practices and modalities


In ‘The School of Energetic Bodywork’ we train people to be the best therapists that they can be through accessing non-dual states of awareness that develop their ego in healthy ways. In giving this work we still have an ego, personality and a soul vibration, so each therapist is unique. When training in Kundalini Bodywork, or when working with a therapist we are supported to access non-dual state of awareness in-order to be the best version of ourself. We understand the body as our own personal mystery school and are encourage to explore it and learn from it.


When you work as a therapist in Kundalini Bodywork, or hire one, the role is to support others in self-healing instead of healing others. Kundalini Bodywork teaches us to live Tantrically, knowing that we are all one, not separate, while developing the power to shape the illusion of separation.


Non-dual awareness comes with the responsibility of caring for the dualistic experience that it contains. 

Clips from a longer 20 minute video: “What is Shaktipat” found in the online course

Clips from an advanced training with voice over


To learn more about Elliott you can:


– watch this video

– visit elliottsaxby.com 

– follow him on instagram.com/elliottsaxby

– or enroll on to kundalinibodywork.online and start learning with him


The Inner Marriage | A Guide to Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work

Within our body, mind, and soul, each of us has both masculine and feminine dynamics. Through polarity work, we can balance, evolve, and integrate the masculine and feminine within our personality, creating an inner marriage that in turn supports the release and transformation of trauma on the cellular, emotional, and soul levels.

In this practical guide, Elliott Saxby presents methods and exercises to apply polarity work as a tool in integrative and non-dual therapy to help you identify masculine and feminine traits within yourself, become less judgmental, and develop a more integrated relationship with yourself and others. He explains how emotional energy can affect you physically and spiritually and how understanding your inner masculine and inner feminine can help you evolve unhealthy expressions of polarity into healthy ones. He examines 11 common life experiences through the lens of mature and immature masculine and feminine expressions, providing 44 traits to identify within yourself and consciously choose to change. He then shows what evolving the masculine and feminine looks like, as well as depicting the shadow in immature masculine and feminine expressions. You can find beneficial solutions to nearly any emotional or relationship scenario if you consciously work with your mature and immature aspects and with the shadow.

Available as paperback, kindle and audiobook.