Kundalini Bodywork



3 month intensive training with personal and business development, will you join us?|

Or will you come and live with us for 1 to 4 weeks and receive sessions?|

This villa over looking the ocean on the Spanish island of Mallorca, April 23rd to July 8th 2023.

6 rooms sleeping 6 to 12 people depending on who’s sharing or booking privately.

We will be 6 to 7 permanent residents for the 3 months with up to 5 people staying shorter term: minimum 1 week, maximum 4 weeks. 

In the first 3 weeks everyone will learn to give Kundalini Bodywork sessions; from the 4th week temporary guests will join us as equal members to receive sessions from those training and also learn with us (*scroll down below the photos for more information on temporary guests)

In this time you will build your therapy practice both online and off, while starting to attract and work with new paying clients. 

1. Elliott will be giving an in-depth training into Kundalini Bodywork & De-armouring over these 3 months covering all the material in levels 1 and 2, while also sharing his teaching in non-dual psychology and shadow work, how he works with clients using this method while also sharing and going much deeper into the finer points of de-armouring and energy work and how to give group sessions. Many of the teaching sessions and lectures will be filmed for the new online course and the teacher training program, by attending this intensive training you be given access to all the new online trainings for free. After this training the aim is to have very competent people to help spread this work and these teachings, adding more therapists to our directory & enabling you to generate an income as a therapist. Our training time consists of both theory and much practice along with meditations and transmissions to support activations as well as energy entrainment.

2. Includes a Vegan detox and nutrition program so deeply cleansing our bodies to do this work with herb protocols suited to us individually & then building ourselves back up in real health & vitality. Veganism is a commitment during this time, everything else is flexible: to make veganism work & to purify our bodies to do this work these deep cleanses and detoxes are important. As part of the training costs we also connect you with our detox coach who gives you a full analysis (blood work is optional) and then supplies meal plan suggestions that we will take into account with your requests when ordering the food for our shared kitchen. They will also supply a list of herbs to be taken and suggest a supplier that will target any organs and glands to help in elimination of old toxins. We will also make suggestions to prepare your body for this cleanse before the training starts. Nearly everyone can live a long and healthy life being Vegan, the key is in detoxing correctly at the start, understanding your nutrition and looking at your health from a holistic perspective. Being Vegan and having a clean diet really supports giving this work. 

3. Encouragement to practice our personal yoga, physical & spiritual disciplines each day.

4. As Kundalini bodywork is about building community to expand this energy there is also free time to connect personally and also to work on our personal projects (so suits a digital nomad life style or someone looking to transition into something new)

5. In addition Elliott will support you to find and take on online clients independently so you can practice and get paid during our 3 months training

The price for the 3 months including accommodation with food provided is €4000 a month when sharing or €6000 for a private individual, so €12,000 OR €18,000 TOTAL. The herb protocol is different as we all need individual herbs so we will manage this separately but connect you. The detox herbs will be approx €1000

For the short term guests coming to mainly receive sessions but also join in with any teaching that week and our general community life/living,  it is €1485 a week sharing or €2055 private. For students just opting into the first three weeks of training only the price is similar. Please email for more information and a loose daily schedule. After a simple application process we send a web link for you to book, pay and manage the accommodation directly through our website.

If you’re interested in training with us or coming to receive sessions, please email a brief introduction about yourself to support@kundalinibodywork.com and I’ll get back to you with interview dates and a formal proposal. 

Scroll down for more pictures of our villa. Good internet is confirmed and they are happy to allow our training to go ahead after reviewing our website. We are 30 minutes from the airport via taxi or you can come by boat/ferry (both drive and walk on are possible).

We also highly recommend reading the book The Inner Marriage before attending the training.

If you have questions please email Melodie & the Admin Team at support@kundalinibodywork.com.

Let’s continue transforming lives. Both yours and others.

Payment plans

  • 40% deposit on registration (€4800 when sharing or €7200 as a single person)
  • 30% 6 weeks before the training (€3600 when sharing or €5400 as a single person)
  • 30% 1 week before the training (€3600 when sharing or €5400 as a single person)
  • Registration = Today
  • 6 weeks before = 26th March
  • 1 week before = 14th April

If for some reason you can not attend after making payments we will do our best to fill your training space. Once successful in filling your space we will refund you minus an admin fee of a few hundred euros depending on how much admin was involved in filling your space. Likewise if you can not complete the training after starting for some reason we will try to find a replacement for you and then give you a partial refund. 

If you choose to pay by credit card instead of bank transfer we will add 2% of this amount to your next invoice. 

(more information about the training is below the pictures)

Upstairs: Room A.

  • 1 double bed


  • Room B. 2 single beds
  • Room C 2 single beds
  • Room D. 1 double bed. 

The Annex

  • Room E. 1 double sofa bed (could be an extra single bed)
  • Room F. 1 double bed (could be two extra single beds)

6 long term spaces 

  • We will be 6 to 7 permanent residents for the 3 months
  • Up to 5 people staying shorter term, minimum 1 week, Maximum 4 weeks
  • You can book from one week to 4 weeks at a time
  • Join in with our high raw vegan detox and/or nutrition rebuilding diet
  • Join in our physical and spiritual practice times
  • Receive multiple sessions from our training practitioners 

First 3 Weeks Training only

  • Sunday 23rd April to Saturday 13th May
  • We cover the level 1 and 2 trainings so for this you must commit to the whole 3 weeks and the price is higher as you have the training time with us too
  • €4455 sharing a room
  • €6165 single room
  • Includes sessions with our detox coach, health consultation and diet plan 

From the 4th week on

  • After Sunday 14th May our training schedule is more relaxed and weeks can be booked: Check in is Sunday morning, check out of room is Saturday morning (*you’re welcome to stay until Saturday evening)
  • €1650 a week sharing
  • €2190 private room
  • Book on Acuity scheduling
  • We keep the admin simple so no reductions are given for leaving or arriving earlier
  • The cleaner comes on Saturday’s

In the weeks that you stay you will get to share the time with beautiful people committed to learning this work, to eat and learn with us with the support to detox in a simple way. Expect to receive at least one Kundalini Bodywork and de-armouring session mosts day from one of the students staying for the full three months. 

There is often a lot of free time in these days to integrate, read, study or work on your personal projects and business ideas as we create a creative hub of self development on all levels. Some days we might be more focused in lectures and deepening our knowledge and practices in coaching with breathwork, non-dual psychology and the polarity framework, shadow work and other energy and body work practices. Other days we will have more free time and session exchanges. 

Our schedule may change but it’s often

  1. Early Mornings: free for your own personal practices or work
  2. 9:15 to 10 group exercise and stretching
  3. 10 to 10:30 meditation
  4. 10:45 sessions, group or private
  5. Lunch (kitchen is always open. Mostly high raw vegan, with occasional concession as we need)
  6. 2:30 sessions, group or private
  7. 6:00 end of day
  8. 6:15 group exercise and stretching
  9. 7:00 Dinner (kitchen is always open. Mostly high raw vegan, with occasional concession as we need) 

For more information or to apply please email support@kundalinibodywork.com

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