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Limited Offer: PRE-SALE $300 (18 months access)
Regular price $495 (6 months access)

How is the course structured

Kundalini Bodywork Online
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Limited Offer: PRE-SALE $300 (18 months access)
Regular price $495 (6 months access)

Polarity Therapy

The polarity framework is foundational to this work and I highly recommend learning to use it. In the book we understand how polarity directly relates to developing Kundalini through the polarities of masculine and feminine energies.

The physiological framework is used in personal and relationship development, it is also used as an integrative therapy practice alongside de-armouring, breathwork and energetic bodywork.

A creative & powerful approach to transform fear, pain and trauma on the cellular level, supporting us to align our three main bodies and function from a higher vibration with access to our power.

What is Kundalini Bodywork?

Kundalini Bodywork is the Foundation course for the School of Energetic Bodywork and serves as the prerequisite for all other courses.

Together we work to clear the traumas stored in your body, clearing the pathway of Kundalini. Once you are on this path you’ll learn how to sublimate and transmute different energies.

The more you understand your own traumas and how they can be healed, the more you’ll be able to support and inspire others to do the same.

By joining this course you are able to become a certified Kundalini bodywork practitioner who works with quality and integrity.

Are you ready to experience the powerful and transformative awakening that comes from Kundalini and learn how to support others to do the same?

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Kundalini Bodywork is for everyone no matter background, previous training or religious beliefs. The only prerequisite is an open mind and a desire to make a positive change within yourself and the world.

What You'll Learn

To heal your self and vibrate on love, bliss, joy & pleasure, attracting more of these things into your life

Kundalini Bodywork

Secret #1

Muladhara Kundalini Chakra

Breathing Practices

Secret #2

Swadhishthana Kundalini Chakra

Self De-armouring & Emotional Release 

Secret #3

Manipura Kundalini Chakra

Generating Creative Energy

Secret #1

Anahata Kundalini Chakra

Non-Dual Integrative therapy

Secret #2

Wishuddha Kundalini Chakra

Shadow work

Secret #3

Ajna Kundalini Chakra

Energetic Bodywork

Secret #1

Sahasrara Kundalini Chakra

Transmutation & Sublimation of Energy on the Cellular Level 

Secret #2

Flower of life Gold

Working with Kundalini Energy for Healing and Awakening

Secret #3

Kundalini chakra

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